Mefloquine is the anti-malarial drug given to nearly all US military personnel from its incomplete testing and trials in 1989 through at least 2008. Big Army quietly stopped dispensing it enmasse, though it is still used for those who cannot tolerate doxycycline. This is despite the now official Black Box warnings issued by the FDA over concerns that the drug causes permanent, frightening and often debilitating neurological side effects as soon as the first dose; side-effects that are indistinguishable from symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress…


What about Aspartame and MSG?

Is This You?

If you are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress, did you take the little weekly anti-malarial pill? Think back, do you remember what you experienced in the hours and days immediately after? Were you hyper? Aggressive? Just plain goofy or feeling mentally off? Even if you didn’t notice or don’t remember those immediate reactions, it is very possible you still have mefloquine toxicity, particularly if you subsequently suffered an injury for which you were given an opiate, including T3’s, aka Tylenol 3 with codeine.

If you also experienced an explosion or ten, took Ambien specifically or any sleep aid, an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety subsequent to mefloquine dosing, chances are the neurological damage that is the physical injury of combat-related Post Traumatic Stress has been exacerbated by pre-existing mefloquine toxicity. And chances are, you are doing more damage to yourself with every bite of food that contains MSG or aspartame.

In case you think you didn’t or don’t eat MSG or diet soda, think back to the most popular items in those care packages you got downrange – Ramen noodles, Slim Jims, beef jerky and those little flavor packets you poured in your water bottles. Take a look at the packages and you’ll see MSG and Aspartame.